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"Painting connects me to myself, to what is beyond us and connects us."

Nikita Lienco is an artist painter, calligrapher and designer, born in Brussels in 1995, known for his unique style that mixes calligraphy, graffiti and abstraction.

His work is centered on the search for balance and the transformation of imperfections into creative force. It reflects a strong poetic and spiritual dimension. 

Nikita is not limited to any medium, from public murals to clothing to album covers.


His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including "L'instinct Créateur" at the French Institute's Galerie Delacroix in 2019.

He is also known for his performance art. He has painted live at numerous events for organizations such as Education International and the European Commission.

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Solo exhibitions

2022 : ''Passage'', at La Fourmilière, Anderlecht, Belgium.

2021 : ''Rayonnement'', Au Rayon Bio, Brussels, Belgium.

2020 : ''Voyage'', Chromatik art store, Liège, Belgium.


2018 : ''Elevation'', Bijouterie Bruno David, Liège Belgium.


2016 : ''Black & White'', Cultural Center Le Rayon Vert, Jette, Belgium.

Collective exhibitions

2022 : "Parcours Artiste Anderlecht", Centre Communautaire de Rinck, Anderlecht, Belgium.

2021 : "Carte de visite - ARTopenKUNST", Espace Vanderbirght, Brussels, Belgium.

2019: "L'instinct Créateur", Delacroix Gallery of the French Institute, Tangier, Morocco.


2016: "Point Barre", Art & Flux Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


2021 - 2022 : Maison De La Création, Brussels, Belgium.

2018: Conil Gallery, Tangier, Morocco.


Education International, European Commission, RTBF, ...

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